Visual Dhikr is an open-ended art project by british artist Ruh Al-Alam, who began exploring Arabic calligraphic art in 2003 . The contextual nature of the work varies from the abstract letterforms to cultural and spiritual references but also expands into branding, identity design and commissioned calligraphic art.

The artwork is also very broad covering a range of mediums form paintings,calligraphic work to digital and interactive. There is a strong focus on calligraphy, typography and letterform, with the intention that a lot of the artwork is to be 'read' and not just 'seen'.

To lend to the discussion of what and how art communicates with us in a modern context is at the heart of Ruh's excercise.The aim is to reach a new narrative that somehow contributes to a change in our perspective, beyond the artist and beyond the canvas.

The term 'Visual Dhikr' is a concept coinned by Ruh to describe his work. The term technicaly does not exist in Arabic terminology. The Arabic word 'dhikr' means to remember, reflect or invoke- combined with the English word 'Visual' the intended meaning is to "visually remember" or ponder upon the subject.

In recent years Visual Dhikr has been busy working in both art direction, consultancy and judging as well as participating in commissions that focus on Islamic or Arabic telated art,calligraphy and design.

Ruh Al-Alam

With a background in typography and design, Ruh found a natural and familiar channel of expression in calligraphic letterform and art. Ruh's artwork isn't limited to calligraphy, he regularly works with photography, videography, installation, motion graphics and sculpture. 

Ruh has worked on large and high profile commissions from both local projects such as Sony PSP, album artwork for Outlandish, BBC and luxury hotel Tamani Hotels (Dubai) to name a few. 

He has exhibited in local galleries in the UK and abroad. His most recent exhibition has been at the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival, UAE. Recent TV appearance has been for the BBC's documentary on 'The Hidden Art of Islam'.

Ruh also founded his own London-based design studio Make Me Believe working in branding, design, art direction, web and mobile development.


Selected artworks from across a range of mediums, styles and projects. Work ranges from hand painted canvases to digital prints, branding/identity and custom calligraphic commissions. Full colllection will be displayed in 2013.
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